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Buddha and Lotus tattoo can symbolize purity. Apart from the message, the 3D effect makes your Buddha look realistic; a perfect design to wear on your sleeves.
Buddhism is one of the most common and most colorful religions there is in the present world. Within this religions are a variety of traditions and beliefs that followers of Gautama Buddha believe in. But apart from being a religion and a philosophy, Buddhism and Buddha have become one of the most popular subjects in tattoos. We can clearly see the reason why. Buddha tattoos often emanates a sense of peace and serenity. Apart from that, Buddha tattoos are clearly a fantastic choice among religious tattoos.                                

When you look at Buddha tattoos, you’d often find yourself intrigued by what it means. What is behind this tattoo? Why have someone chosen Buddha among the other deities? The meaning behind these Buddha tattoos can be inspiring and can also be a symbol of who you are as a person. Whether you practice Buddhism or you merely relate to the message it portrays, having Buddha as your tattoo should not be an issue.
If you’re not that much on hidden messages and symbolism and you simply base your tattoos on how it looks, Buddha tattoos are definitely still on the list. There’s this simplicity in how these tattoos look yet on careful look, such details that when skillfully inked on your skin would definitely look wonderful.
The design of your Buddha tattoo would play a great role on how your tattoo would look like when it’s finished. Realistic looking Buddha tattoos are really wonderful to look it. 3D tattoos looks like your tattoo could come alive anytime. Then there’s this mysterious beauty when it comes to surrealistic designs. Even abstract and watercolor styles for Buddha tattoos could give it a different appearance. There’s a lot of colors that could be used on your tattoo which makes it attractive to the eyes. On the other hand, simpler designs are calming to look at.                

This is a realistic Buddha tattoo with a lotus, for purity, and tiger which can be a symbol of powerful or passionate persona.

This hyper realistic Buddha portrait could portray enlightenment or awakening which are usually the main symbolisms of Buddha. The lotus flower is a great addition as it means purity. Both could mean that you are awakened and have become pur

This realistic black and white tattoo design is both calming to the eyes and could be an inspiration to reach enlightenment and awakening or to simply find out the meaning of life.

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